Take the tricky and troublesome test for book one.

1.What are the names of my three best friends?
2.Who teaches us Sinister Science?
3.I took two items from the Secret Missions Store Cupboard. What were they?
4.It was so funny when Doctor Super Evil’s mum phoned him during our World Domination class. Do you remember what she called him about?
5.What is Stretch’s full name?
6.I can’t believe my school bus is an airship! Can you tell me the name of the airline?
7.I’m still laughing about how we tricked one of the super heroes. Who was it?
8.In Sinister Science, what cool gadget did we learn to make?
9.What is Mr Madness’ super power?
10.Shrink has a special pen torch. What does it do?
11.One of the senior boys wanted to turn me into frozen fish fingers. (Luckily he’s now in Doom Doors Jail). Can you tell me his name?
12.Hammerhead said that the Super Simulator gets harder every time you go in it. Who did I fight on my first visit?
13.What time of year do super villains give each other presents?
14.When Shrink is scared what happens to him?
15.We were given a reward for taking the rocket ship back to the International Space Centre (not that we got to keep it for long). What was it?

Answers – Look at the bottom of the ‘Home’ page


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