About Demon

I’m Demon Kid, a ten-year-old super villain. Well, I’m learning to be one at St Viper’s School. I can breathe fire, which is brilliant for toasting the eyebrows off people I don’t like, and I’ve just found out I can fly – it feels amazing, like being a shooting star! Sometimes when I get angry I burst into flames or grow so hot I set off the fire alarms inside the volcano where we have our lessons. The teachers think the volcano’s erupting.

My best friends are Shrink, Stretch and Wolfgang. Shrink’s the clever one, Stretch has limbs like elastic and Wolfgang is a wolf-boy who likes to chew pencils and rulers. My dad’s a famous super villain and I’m determined to be just like him. The trouble is, all the boys and girls at St Viper’s are trying to claw their way to the top, so I’m in for a fight. But that’s ok because I’m up for it.

Answers to The Tricky and Troublesome Test:
1) Shrink, Stretch and Wolfgang 2) Professor Plutonium 3) Sleep serum and a box marked flea farm 4) To ask if he was wearing clean underwear 5) Stacey Stretch 6) Enemy Airlines 7) Mr Awesome 8) An Eraser Ray 9) He can teleport himself and others 10) It enables him to see through virtually anything 11) Chill 12) The R0K Fighting Robots 13) Halloween 14) He shrinks 15) A million American Dollars


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