If I ruled the world I would:

  1.  Ban school and make playing computer games and watching TV good for you. I’d have infinity plus one TV channels to choose from.
  2. Send people I don’t like through a black hole.
  3. Have my secret lair inside the Statue of Liberty’s torch.
  4. Tell my mum and dad when they must go to bed. And it’s not very late!
  5. Time travel in my very own TARDIS, so I can repeat really fun things.
  6. Vaporise everything that’s pink.
  7. Turn my teachers into slaves. And they’d have to carry heavy school bags around all day and stand outside in the cold during their coffee break.
  8. Have a mountain made of cake for my birthday. With at least twenty metres of icing. And chocolate. A lot of chocolate.
  9. Use a mind control consol on Chill (a senior year boy at St Viper’s, who keeps trying to turn me into a frozen fish finger) and his gang of bullies. I’d make them pick their noses, slap their own faces and pour porridge onto their heads.
  10. Make everything free for me, Stretch, Wolfgang and Shrink, because we’re awesome villains.

What would you do?

(Writer slave says – To leave a message you will need to provide an email address and your first name. If you are under 16 you must ask permission from your mum, dad or guardian.)


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