I’ve been given World Domination homework on How to Spot A Spy. This is what I’ve come up with so far.

  •  Spies sneak around at night and come out of odd places like manhole covers, wardrobes and trees. Sometimes they use a parachute.
  • They wear a dinner jacket and bow tie for dinner.
  • Spies know all about weapons and are licensed to kill.
  • They pretend to be a different person to blend into the environment. Some facts about their life might not add up or they may forget what they’ve said and change their story.
  • Spies are good-looking. Lots of people want to be their girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • They talk into the lapel of their jacket, or into their watch (but it’s really a secret microphone back to headquarters or a taping device)
  • They have the latest, high-tech gadgets.
  • They are good at fighting and always have a sports car, speedboat or helicopter hidden out of sight for a quick get away.
  • They have a ring that flicks open with sleep serum inside. Because you never know when you need to put someone to sleep.
  • They can disappear suddenly and without trace.

Can you think of anything else?

(Writer slave says – To leave a message you will need to provide an email address and your first name. If you are under 16 you must ask permission from your mum, dad or guardian.)


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